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Mestre Celso

Mestre Celso born and raised in Rio de Janeio, today 70 years old the oldest active living Master, teaching and playing Capoeira in Rio and abroad.

Mestre Celso grow up with Roda de Pernada on the squares and Samba. He used to Samba at Morro da Mangueira and used to a Passista for Mangueira School of Samba in Rio in the 50's.

Soon after Metre Artur Emidio opened his Capoeira School in Rio, Mestre Celso started traing and gained respect quite quickly, in no time he was performing toghether withe others.

Mestre Celso is from the time when Capoeirista used to use Navalha, Lenco de Seda and lots of Malandragem, what we don't see anymore now days.





Mestre Celso


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