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Mestre Artur Emidio

Mestre Artur Emidio born in Itabuna today 80 years old. He has been doing Capoeira for over 73 years.
He learned Capoeira with Mestre Paizinho who used to wake him up every day at 6am to train.
During his adolescence Mestre Artur Emidio used to perform and impress every one with Capoeira style.

In 1953 Mestre Artur Emidio won a fight against Edgar Duro in Sao Paulo, a fight of Capoeira VS Luta Livre.

In 1954 he challenged Hélio Grace, in a Capoeira VS Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro but it was a draw. He also challenged first class fighters like Robson Gracie, Rudolf Hermany, Carlos Coutinho(Bahia), Carbono(Rio) and Mestre Bimba students .

In 1955 he moved to Rio de Janeio becoming the pioneer of Capoeira in Rio.

His first student Djalma Bandeira who used to travel abroad for performances, together they traveled to around 20 countries.

Mestre Artur Emidio graded great Masters like:
Mestre Celso, Mendonca (creator of cordeis) and Pulo Gomes.




Mestre Artur Emidio


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